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Heating Chips

Because we can extract dust and fines from our heating chips, they are produced to the highest possible standards. We can make chips to the EN P16b grade (equivalent to the old G30 spec).

We use our mechanical chip drier to reduce the moisture content to a consistent 20-22 %. This type of drier has far greater control than others, hence the consistency of moisture content.

Because our chip drier is mechanical, and sits outside, as opposed to a drying floor,  we have maximised the inside storage space we have available, meaning a greater stock carrying capacity; vital for coping with cold snaps and peaks in demand, before Christmas for example.

We use wood chips ourselves,in our own boilers, so we fully appreciate the importance of quality and availability.

Delivery to customer is by tractor and trailer (30 or 40 cubic metre load), rigid tipper lorry (45 cubic metres or 90 cubic metres with trailer) or by 'walking floor' artic trailer (105 cubic metres). 

Because we are confident in our supply chain and in our processing capabilities, we offer long term contracts and price guarantee.

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