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CHP Chips

Using wood chips in Combined Heat and Power Gasifier units is relatively new, but we have been very quick to respond to this new market.

These units require a very specific type of wood chip, and thanks to our drying system and our grading equipment, we are perfectly suited to producing it.

  • Fresh, screened P16b (G30) or P45 (G50)

  • Dry, screened P16b or P45

Unlike the more common drying floor, our dryer can consistently produce CHP chips at between 10 and 14%. Our ability to produce the larger size chip, and to extract the dust and fines puts us ahead of traditional wood fuel producers.

Our CHP chip has been well proven in Volter, Froling and Spanner units, throughout England and Wales, and we have numerous satisfied customers.

For customers wishing to dry their own fuel, we can supply the same grade of fines extracted chip, but at 'fresh' moisture content.

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